Writing a melody in c major

Choosing the right chords and the rate at which they change can help strengthen your melody and propel your song. Chord Stability Remember when I mentioned that certain notes in a key sound more stable than others? The same goes for chords.

Writing a melody in c major

Section 7: How to Create a Melody in G Major

Contemporary Chord Notation Chord symbols play important roles in popular, folk, and jazz music. Most contemporary sheet-music, lead sheets, and fake books contain melodies with chord symbols written above them.

Many folk songs are written with words only and chord symbols above the words. Musicians use the chord symbols to improvise accompaniments to the given melody. In the following example of the song "Rock-a-My Soul" the words are written with the chord symbols C and G7 placed above certain words.

The C means that a C major triad is to accompany the words below it and the G7 means that a G major-minor seventh chord is to accompany the words below it. Click the play button and listen to the example. Rock-a-My Soul Triads A capital letter of the musical alphabet by itself or with an accidental indicates a major triad with that note as the root.

Why do we need transposition? (Asking for a friend.)

Bb means a B-flat major triad and G means a G-sharp major triad. Sometimes a capital M or the abbreviation "maj" will follow the root indicator. For a minor triad a lower case m will follow the root indicator. Sometimes the abbreviation "min" will be used or even the minus sign.

Refer to the triad chart below for examples of chord symbols of triads with C as the root. The use of chord symbols has not been standardized; therefore, more than one symbol can be used to indicate a chord.

The most frequently used chord symbols are listed first.The Cmaj chord works much more strongly with the start of the melody, also indicating that C Major is the scale.

writing a melody in c major

Knowing the scale our new song tells us that our melody could also use the note B (which is part of the C Major scale, but not yet used). This is also very common when the melody is the tonic (so a C in this case, see example K).

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This prevents the major 7th from rubbing against the tonic at the top of the voicing. In general, for a normal jazz sound, you avoid a minor 2nd at the top of a voicing.

Writing a Basic Classical Melody Tempo When you are writing a melody you must (at least to start off with) label your chords and if necessary write out the component notes so that you are clear exactly what is The closely related keys for C major are shown below.

First Species Counterpoint — Introduction We will begin with two-part counterpoint, which involves composing a second melody above a fragment of a chant melody.


C ounterpoint, which comes from the Latin term punctum contra punctum or “note against note," is the discipline of writing notes that harmonize one another according to fixed rules. I'm going to play the root note in my left hand, and a C major chord in my right.

Instead of playing the whole chord with my right hand, I'm going to play around with the notes of the chord to make a melody.

Emperor Quartet, byname of String Quartet in C Major, Op. 76, No. 3, string quartet in four movements by Austrian composer Joseph Haydn that provided the melody for the national anthems of both Austria (–) and Germany (beginning in ).

The work draws its nickname from that melody—composed specifically for the Austrian monarchy.

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