The 7 cs of business writing

Six Cs of Business Communication Effective business communication requires a tremendous amount of consideration for the audience. In many cases, your readership will be made up of many individuals with varying backgrounds and knowledge-bases.

The 7 cs of business writing

After reading you will understand the basics of this powerful communication skills tool. We communicate verbally, non-verbally and in writing.

Unfortunately, the message does not always come across as intended. This can lead to miscommunication and small misunderstanding or the wrong impression.

A good subdivision of subjects will clarify the message as a result of which there will be a complete overview of what is said. Concreteness Concrete business communication is also about a clear message. This is often supported by factual material such as research data and figures.

The words used as well as the sentence structure can be interpreted uni-vocally.

Six Cs of Business Communication

Nothing is left to the imagination. Courtesy In addition to considering the feelings and points of view of the target group, it is also important to approach the audience in a friendly and courteous manner. Use of terms that show respect for the receiver contribute towards effective communication.

The same goes for the manner in which you address someone. Not everyone will be charmed if you use a familiar form of address and use of a formal address could come across as too distant.

the 7 cs of business writing

Correctness A correct use of language has the preference. In written business communication, grammatical errors must be avoided and stylistic lapses or a wrong use of verbs are not sufficient either in verbal communication.

A correct use of language increases trustworthiness and the receiver will feel that they are taken seriously. Clarity Clear or plain language is characterized by explicitness, short sentences and concrete words. By avoiding parentheses and keeping to the point, the receiver will get a clear picture of the content of the message.

Briefly-worded information emphasizes the essence of the message.

7 C’s of Effective Communication

Consideration Communicating with the target group Consideration. In order to communicate well, it is important to relate to the target group and be involved. By taking the audience into account, the message can be geared towards them. Factors that play a role in this are for example: Conciseness A message is clear when the storyline is consistent and when this does not contain any inconsistencies.

When facts are mentioned, it is important that there is consistent, supporting information.Paula Brown’s “7 Cs” for Business Writing. Here is a list of the "7 Cs" with the associated concepts.

1. Clear • simple words • conversational. /The Seven Cs of Business Letter Writing Effective letter writing boils down to knowing why you are writing a letter, understanding your reader's needs and then clearly writing what you need to say. Six Cs of Business Communication.

Effective business communication requires a tremendous amount of consideration for the audience. Utilizing the 6 C’s of business communication in any writing situation will help you achieve this end and ensure your audience can use the information you.

the 7 cs of business writing


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may 7 C’s of Effective Business Communication. Uploaded by.4/4(5). 7 c's of business writing 1. Clarity. Good business writing is clear. It has a definite message, with no confusion about whateach sentence is trying to pfmlures.comtness. There are 7 C’s of effective communication which are applicable to both written as well as oral communication.

These are as follows: Completeness - The communication must be complete. It should convey all facts required by the audience. The sender of the message must take into consideration the receiver’s mind set and convey the message accordingly.

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