An analysis of data presentation

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An analysis of data presentation

Steps for presenting and analyzing data: Frame the objectives of the study and make a list of data to be collected and its format. Change the format of data, i. Analyse trends and relate the information to fulfill the objectives.

Introduction This site provides illustrative experience in the use of Excel for data summary, presentation, and for other basic statistical analysis. 47 CHAPTER 4 Analysis and presentation of data INTRODUCTION This chapter discusses the data analysis and findings from questionnaires completed by. The significance of data presentation and analysis. Data presentation and analysis plays an essential role in every field. An excellent presentation can be a deal maker or deal breaker.

A presentation should have a predefined sequence of arguments being made to support the study. Start with stating the Aim of study and the objectives required to reach the aim. Break the objectives in multiple parts and make a list of data to be collected, the sources of data, form in which data exist and needs to be obtained, conducting a primary survey for information which does not exist.

Form and explain the methodology adapted to carry out a study. Data collection through primary survey needs to have well thought of sampling methods. This will help in reducing the efforts and increasing efficiency. Present only the required information and skip the background research to make your point more clear.

Dynamic Presentations

Do not forget to give credits and references in the end and where ever required. The presentation can be done using software such as Microsoft Powerpoint, Prezi, Google Analytics and other analytic software.

It can also be done by making models, presenting on paper or sheets, on maps or by use of boards. The methods selected depends on the requirement and the resources available. The data thus obtained from multiple sources like Census department, Economics and Statistics Department, Election Commission, Water Board, Municipal Bodies, Economic surveys, Website feedbacks, scientific research, etc.

An analysis of data presentation

Data is also required to forecast and estimate the change in the requirement of various resources and thus provide them accordingly.

Phasing and prioritization form another important part for the effective implementation of the proposals. Different types of charts which can be used for data presentation and analysis.

These are one of the most widely used charts for showing the grown of a company over a period. There are multiple options available like stacked bar graphs and the option of displaying a change in numerous entities. These look as shown in the image below: Methods of data collectionData Processing Line Chart: These are best for showing the change in population, i.

These also work well for explaining the growth of multiple areas at the same time.

Exam Excel Core Data Analysis, Manipulation, and Presentation

As the name suggests it is a combination of more than one chart type. The one shown in the figure below is a combination of line and bar graph. These save space and are at times more effective than using two different charts.

An analysis of data presentation

There can even be 3 or more charts depending on the requirement.Data Analysis and Presentation Skills: the PwC Approach Final Project from PwC. In this Capstone Project, you'll bring together all the new skills and insights you've learned through the four courses.

You'll be given a 'mock' client problem and a. DataPlay is a data management software which enables users to analyze, visualize and present their data with Excel and PowerPoint Add-ins. Build crosstabs, run statistical tests, do analysis in Excel, create PowerPoint charts, and share results in a presentation.

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Analyze data from SPSS, UTAB, WinCross, Excel with DataPlay’s analysis, visualization, charting, reporting and presentation tools. 47 CHAPTER 4 Analysis and presentation of data INTRODUCTION This chapter discusses the data analysis and findings from questionnaires completed by.

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Analyzes data for policy and planning; coordinates annual reporting on progress related to Board goals and legislative requirements.

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